Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To You, Mr. Man With a Spray-Paint Can

Near the vicinity of my home there have been a few works of "graffiti" recently added to the shopping carts and cigarette butts which decorate the streets. Now, I have no qualms with those who consider the world their art gallery, but--as it is with any artist who displays his or her work--they open themselves up to criticism, which is now being passed, by me.
This graffiti artist has left two of his or her musings along the sidewalk. One reads, "All is one..." and with this one I have no quarrel. The other reads, "When all is said and done, have you said and done enough?" and it is with this one that I have the proverbial "bone to pick."
Number one: Did you get this phrase from someone's Facebook status? Because that's the impression that I'm getting.
Number two: The only time when all is said and done is when your dead, and then it doesn't really matter how much you said or did, does it?
Number three: I remain a firm believer in quality over quantity (except where American currency is concerned).
In summation, I suggest to you Graffiti Artist, that you spend a little more time at WikiQuote before again venturing forth to desecrate public property.

Sincerely yours,

Public Art Critic #1313

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